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LG Corporation is a company based in South Korea that manufactures electronic products , mobile phones and petrochemical products and operates subsidiaries such as LG Electronics and LG Display .

Created in 1947 , it assumed the abbreviated name of "LG" in 1995 . LG is an abbreviation of "Lucky Goldstar" in South Korea, which has been translated into English as Lucky Venus ( Goldstar , golden star in English). Before, many of its electronic products were sold under the Goldstar brand, while other home products (not available outside of South Korea ) were sold under the "Lucky" brand. The latter was famous for household cleaning products and laundry detergents in South Korea . Before the massive industrialization of South Korean society, the name Lucky was synonymous with toothpaste.

Goldstar logo, name used in old LG electronic products.

LG poster in Dundas Square , Toronto , Canada .
Recently, the company has tried to update its slogan by suggesting that "LG" means " Life's Good ". In January 2009, LG Corporation bought the domain LG.com 1 The company is even in the "VB.com Internet Hall of Fame".

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